The mission of Maurepas School is to help all students learn and grow and give their best each day.

Maurepas School​​

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2017 Winners

                                                                                                  Baby Miss Maurepas:           Audrey D.

                                                                                                  Tiny Miss Maurepas:            Caroline A.

                                                                                                  Mini Miss Maurepas:            Aaliyah J.

Petite Miss Maurepas:          Sidney L.

Little Miss Maurepas:           Elliette C.

Preteen Miss Maurepas:       Gracie H.

Junior Miss Maurepas:         Regan D.

Miss Maurepas:                     Keegan M.


Beauty Pageant Practice

Beauty Pageant Practice #1
When:  Wednesday, September 26TH
Time: After school until 3:30
Where:  School Auditorium
This practice is for all contestants    Petite -  Preteen. 

Beauty Pageant Practice #2
When:  Wednesday, October 3rd
Time:  After school until 3:30
Where:  New Gym
This practice is for all contestants  --  Baby – Senior Miss

Please know that all contestants MUST come to school on the day of the pageant for at least ½ of the school day.

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Maurepas Beauty Pageant

Queens in each division will receive a crown, and a sash. 

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Runners up will receive sashes. 
Metals for Fashion, Personality, Prettiest Eyes, Smile, Hair, and Photogenic will be given in each division.
To enter Photogenic, submit photos to Mrs. Olah or Mrs. Overton by 5 P.M. the night of the pageant.
Each Baby, Tiny, Mini, Petite, and Little Miss contestant will receive a Princess Crown. Each entry will receive one FREE admittance to the pageant.
School-aged Contestants must attend Maurepas School.
Dresses for Baby, Tiny, Mini, Petite, Little, and Pre-Teen will be SUNDAY’S-BEST – “Sunday’s-Best” dresses are dresses you would wear to church or a special function with little or no makeup, no flippers, and naturally fixed hair with no hair pieces, falls,  or wigs.
Dresses for Junior and Miss will be formal pageant dresses that are floor length.
Contestants can be sponsored by individuals or businesses.
 Judges’ decisions are final.   Out of town judges will be used.
Winners may not hold the same title more than one year. 
A professional photographer will be on hand to take pictures, please see form.
For more information, contact Mrs. Olah or Mrs. Overton at 225-695-6111.
Entry Fee is $30. NO REFUNDS
If you want your contestant’s name in the program, please have entry fee and form handed in by Friday, September 28th to the office, Mrs. Olah or Mrs. Overton.
Entry Fees and forms will be accepted through October 4th at 5 P.M.