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When will I know who the opponent team is?
Opponents will be revealed during the corresponding schedule release, 3/1/2021 for matches 1-3, 3/21/2021 for matches 4 and 5, and 4/4/2021 for matches 6-8.

The schedule says we will have a match during our Spring Break. What will happen to this match?
Matches scheduled during Spring Break should be played as normal or rescheduled. The best option for rescheduling will be the regularly scheduled match time during the Reschedule Buffer Week beginning 4/19/2021. 
As a reminder, all non-GHSA member schools have the option to play from home.

Why is there an additional match on a Monday?
Having the extra match on a Monday allows up to accomplish 3 goals: 
- Maintain our standard of 8 regular season matches per season
- Complete the regular season before AP testing and graduation
- Offer a Reschedule Buffer Week to account for Spring Break. 

Rather than double up two matches on the same day, we have scheduled the additional match on an off day. 

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