The mission of Maurepas School is to help all students learn and grow and give their best each day.

Maurepas School​​

P.O. Box 39 - Maurepas, LA 70449 - (225) 695-6111

3. Return the white and yellow copies of the order form to the school. Keep the pink copy.

4. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, checks and money orders. Checks and money orders must be made payable to Maurepas School.

5. Be sure your customer’s phone number is on all checks you accept. PRIZE PROGRAM: We are giving GREAT prizes with this sale. Check out the prize sheet for details on all the fun prizes you can win. The TOP 2 SELLERS will receive a $50 or $25 gift card, respectively.

Thank you for your support of Maurepas School.

Maurepas School October 19,2020

TO: ALL PARENTS Thank you for your past support of our school. We need your help with this fundraiser so we can continue to make Maurepas a great school.

IMPORTANT DATES: Sale begins on Monday, October 19. Sale ends on Tuesday, November 3. Delivery will be the week after Thanksgiving.

WHÄT: America’s Favorite Treats - A brochure of yummy cookie dough, popcorn, edible cookie dough and more.

Please follow these instructions:

1. Make sure your child's name and teacher's name are printed on the order form and on the money collection envelope that are provided.

2. All orders and payments are due no later than Tuesday, November 3.

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